This project is our attempt at marrying 2 art forms that have interested both of us most of our adult lives. Manu enjoys making things up on the spot and calling it flash fiction. Azbeen is inspired to draw things based on stories. The inktober project gave us the opportunity to connect over these 2 passions. Manu, in Bristol UK, spends all day chewing the cud, turning words round in his mouth and then, in generally less than a minute spits them into the Internet and sends them to Azbeen in Athens Greece. Azbeen then interprets these into whatever image comes to his mind. The interpretation is more enhancement/gap-filling than translation. There is no editing or dialogue besides this. Occasionally the process is inverted and Azbeen comes up with a quick sketch, a morsel of an idea, Manu writes his first impression in the form of a caption or flash fiction and then Azbeen turns the sketch into something more ready for others' eyes.

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