Happy Flappers

Happy flappers spread their wings through you.
Feathers, blow away the dust from your fossil bones.
Tiny beaks pecking, on your crusty shell.
Come.. take flight

The "Happy flappers" series came about after I developed an obsession with drawing birds in late 2019. Daily sketches on the winged creatures developed into a vessel that could carry metaphors of our earthly existence. The resulting images where whimsical and joyfull but spoke to me deeply. Parallel to this series I was developing the "Distant Lands" series, which takes the bird motif and expands into new visual territory.
Forest Birds (2021)
Minted on Terra Virtua (2.ed)
Draft (2021)
Minted on Terra Virtua (3.ed)
Echoes (2021)
Available to collect on Known Origin
Frantic forest joy (2021)
available to collect on Makersplace
Summer breeze (2021)
minted on Terra Virtua (7.ed)
Boop (2021)
available to collect on Foundation
Forest Birds (2021)
gouache on paper
Minted on Makersplace 1.ed
Over the rainbow (2021)
minted on Terra Virtua (1.ed)
Retinal Echoes (2021)
minted on Terra Virtua (3.ed)
Point of contention (2022)
available to collect on Known Origin 1.ed
Happy flapper (008) - 2021
gouache on paper 
available to collect on objkt.com (1.ed)
Happy flapper (009) -  2021
gouache on paper
available to collect on objkt.com (1.ed)
Happy flappers sketches
available on objkt.com
Sun mandala (2021)
minted on Known Origin

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