smoll places 2022
"smoll places" is part of the "little places" collection.

 "little places" is a project exploring the spirit of place
and the relationships between humans and landscapes.
It is a whimsical enquiry into the power of the land
on our souls and our position in the world.

The collection is a series of images combining two of my favourite things in art..
landscapes and characters, blended with a zen garden aesthetic.
I've always been deeply inspired by the intimidating beauty of Japanese Zen gardens
with their use of space as an element, which shapes its surroundings.
Likewise, I would like this work to acts as a Zen garden of the human psyche.

The project was started in 2022 as an NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain
and consists of two collections
"little places" and "smoll places"

"little places" is a series of 1/1 carefully hand-crafted images in both 3D and 2D
"smoll places" are little collectible zen gardens that hope to inspire their owners
to be more mindful in their daily life.

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